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wordpress gulp

Posted by 20-10-2018 Computer science

To recap, if you are unable to install Gulp globally, relax, knowing that you can use: npm run gulpwatch instead of gulp watch npm run gulpstyles instead of gulp styles npm run gulpscripts instead of gulp scripts ### Command line tool for windows : git bash (git-scm.com)

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all in one seo pack

Posted by 18-10-2018 Computer science, plakaten

Her er hvordan man indstiller den med links – Beginners Guide for All in One SEO Pack Beginners Guide for All in One SEO Pack Beginners Guide to XML Sitemaps Beginners Guide to XML Sitemaps Beginners Guide to Social Meta (Open Graph) Beginners Guide to Social Meta (Open Graph) Top Tips for Good On-Page SEO […]

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Posted by 18-10-2018 Computer science

developer tools side med info om den https://www.mozilla.org/da/firefox/64.0a2/whatsnew/#devtools https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Web_Console

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firefox – billede lav sjov med cirkler

Posted by 17-10-2018 css

clip-path: circle(40.22% at 37.84% 46.67%); shape-outside: circle(52.22% at 55.12% 51.52%); https://hacks.mozilla.org/2018/09/make-your-web-layouts-bust-out-of-the-rectangle-with-the-firefox-shape-path-editor/?sample_rate=0.001&snippet_name=9454#utm_source=desktop-snippet&utm_medium=snippet&utm_campaign=ShapePathIntro&utm_term=9454&utm_content=PRE

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wordpress custom query

Posted by 17-10-2018 wordpress for developers

Dèt der fik Brad til at gå fra hmmm til aha mht wordrpess… https://www.udemy.com/become-a-wordpress-developer-php-javascript/learn/v4/t/lecture/7291138?start=0

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