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sadhguru om √•ndedr√¶ttets cyklus’ forbindelse til perceptionen af dyr og planter og ting

Posted by 14-9-2019 sadhguru

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Cauvery Calling

Posted by 13-8-2019 sadhguru

Her er kvitteringen for det:

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sadhguru UN talk and Q&A

Posted by 12-7-2019 sadhguru

sadhguru leading yoga lesson

Posted by 6-7-2019 sadhguru

Sadhguru on moon vibrations

Posted by 9-6-2019 sadhguru

Sadhguru on water, drinking it Ca 16 min henne: and sun and moon gravitational and reverberational impact of them on the human body Dragonflies: 20 min Fly from india to africa moon: 21:56 (people get headaches, some mentally disturbed, ) there is more fluids on your brain .. whatever you are, it get enhanced on […]

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