Sadhguru on moon vibrations


Sadhguru on water, drinking it

Ca 16 min henne:
and sun and moon gravitational and reverberational impact of them on the human body

Dragonflies: 20 min
Fly from india to africa

moon: 21:56 (people get headaches, some mentally disturbed, ) there is more fluids on your brain .. whatever you are, it get enhanced on high tide. ..

“if you create different kinds of vibrations, or different kind of sounds, the water responds in different ways,Depending on the type of sounds we create, accordingly the water takes on different shapes and forms and patterns which are very geometrically correct kind of patterns for different sounds. And you know that the Sheffield University first did this a few years ago. Now people are telling me, NASA has published something, talking about they recorded sound of the sun … so clearly the sound AUM is coming.”

So everyting that happens in nature whatever shapes or forms that different life forms are taking, is essentially largely related to how the water reverberates, including yourself. How the water is reverberating within yourself, that is the kind of form. Both the physical and the psychological form that you take is largely dependent upon this, and thank you very much… (lecture is ended)


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